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Jun '06

Days 1 to 5

Day 1. Flew Brisbane to Auckland.  Had dinner with daughter Tania and Darren and very good friends Gerry and Linda Kline.

Days 2 – 4.  Hired car and drove to Whangarei, north of Auckland to meet up with David’s high school class mates.   Originally there were 16 in his graduation class from Whangarei Boys High School but since then, 47 years ago, one has died.   Of the 15 survivors, 11 and their partners, attended the dinner before attending the High School’s 125th anniversary over the next 3 days.   Great times were had by all with many memories re-awakened, tall stories told, and old friendships renewed.

Day 5.   Drove down to Mangawhia Heads.   This is beach, just south of Whangarei, where our friends Bruce and Heather Rogan have a house.   The intention being to joke, talk, eat, and drink with occasional activities like golf and fishing thown in to try to stave off the obesity virus.    

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