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Jun '06

Days 11 to 18

Hawaii  – O’ahu.  This is where Honolulu is.  Took a drive around the island and had dinner at Dukes on Waikiki before joining the ship for the cruise around the other islands.

Kauai – Enjoyed a drive around the beaches to one end of the road where there are some caves with water in them so you can’t go very far in but they looked very attractive.  Highlight of the island was a large canyon that was very impressive.

Hawaii – “The large island”   Really enjoyed the Volcano National Park and had our fill of lava flows (cold) and cinders.  Went with some very nice people, Ethel and Randy, that we met on the ship.   They are from Sacramento and we hope we will catch up with them some time in the future.   Also went to a few art galleries where Lia got some good tips from the artists and we saw some excellent artwork.

Maui – where are currently.  Claims to have the highest mountain in the world (measured from the sea bed, which goes to show you can do anything with statistics).  Anyway we drove up it yesterday and reached a hight of 11,000 feet where we had to walk very slowly and both us got a little affected by the altitude.   Unfortunately a lot of cloud around so we did not get a clear view.

We have enjoyed visiting Walmark on several of our stops and so far bought a top for Lia to protect her from the air conditioning on the ship, shoes for us both that are very inexpensive, sandals for Lia, a t-shirt and shorts for David, and socks for both of us.   Prices are excellent.

The ship we have been travelling on has cure us of our cruising addiction but we don’t want to appear negative so I won’t list the many problems.

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