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Jul '06

Days 31 to 40

Took an 8 day drive around Lake Michigan going as far north as Lake Superior and Ontario, Canada.   The first time Lia has been to Canada and not even a stamp in the passport to prove it.   In fact the border security seemed fairly lax although perhaps they thought that 4 older white people not much of a threat.

The highlights of the trip for us where:

At Munising, Lake Superior, a boat ride to see the Pictured Rocks National Park.   The pictured rocks are sandstone and their shapes are the result of wave action, with colours in the cliffs caused by minerals and tannin leaching from the trees above.   We also went on another boat ride to see ship wrecks through the glass bottom of the boat.   Very interesting without having to dive into the cold water of the lake.

Return train ride from Sault Ste. Marie in Ontario Canada to Agawa Canyon where there are beautiful views and several spectacular water falls.   And about 400 steps to the lookout that our legs still remember.

4th July fireworks in St Ignace and a visit to Mackinac Island where cars are not allowed and all transport is by foot, horse and cart or bicycle.   We hired bicycles and rode around the island, about 5 miles.    It was an accomplishment that we really enjoyed.   Also it was on Lake Huron so that was the 3rd lake we visited on this trip.

On the trip we visited several small, beautiful little towns that border Lake Michigan.   Everywhere there is some small inlet or channel a small town seems to exist and they are all very pretty in there own way. 

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