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Jul '06

Days 41 to 50

Spent about 3 days back in Chicago going to places like downtown Chicago to meet up with Lia’s niece Pia who works in the Chilean Consulate, plus visiting Navy Pier and the Sears Building which is the highest building in Chicago.   We also visited the B’hai Temple, and learnt about their very interesting beliefs.    They believe that all religions are basically one religion and all the God’s such as Jesus and Mohammad who have been to earth are all the prophets of one God.

Then we were off again for more exploring with our friends Dan and Dalia to the Wisconston Dells, the circus musium and The House on the Rock.   Wisconston Dells are on a section of the Wisconston River that is fairly deep so naturally we did a river cruise and an amphibious duck ride/cruise.   The main street of the Dells has been turned into a giant amusement park with roller coasters, carosels,  mini-golf courses, crazy houses, etc.

The circus musium is at a place that used to be the winter headquarters of the Ringling Brothers and Barton circus.    Saw an excellent Chinese acrobat act and some great old circus wagons that used to be used in the grand parade that went through any town or city that the circus was being set up in.

The House on the Rock was just that.   A house that a man built around a big rock outcrop.   However this man also become a great collector and the house and accompanying buildings now house his collections.   The collections are many, varied and staggering in their size.   They include carosels, many large and small mechanical music exhibits, firearms, dolls and doll’s houses, model ships,  an old village street containing all sorts of shops with appropriate merchandise inside and posters outside, and many other things.   Overall, including a short lunch break, we were looking at the exhibits for 6 hours.   Staggering.

Back in Chicago again we went to the Museum of Science and Industry and saw an excellent exhibition of the inventions of Leonado Da Vinchi and the Aquarium that has a huge collection of fish from all over the world.

On Sunday 16th July we said goodbye to our friends Dan and Dalia who had looked after us so well for 3 weeks and flew to Pensylvania and met up with other friends Bob and Bette who live in the middle of Amish country and very near to where the film “Witness” with Harrison Ford was filmed.   Yesterday we spent driving around that area and today we went in town to see the market, the quilt museum (the Amish are famous for their quilt making among other things) and a number of Art Galleries.   Tomorrow it is off to Washington DC. 

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