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Oct '08

Time for an update

At long last, as the world goes into financial meltdown, I feel the need to update our page.
We are at home in Main Beach, Queensland, Australia and watching events with interest. Except for the drop in share prices Australia has not been too badly affected yet. Some of our friends have lost a lot of money in the share market and I think it will take a long, long time to get back to where the prices were. Others, like us, have very little money in the market and so far there has been no personal effect.
Three weeks ago I went on a Stock Options Trading Course. Whether the timing is right only time will tell. At the moment I am set up to watch the Australian Stock Market (ASX) interactively and have started practicing with some paper (practice) trades. So far so good but the volatility in the market means that it is hard to find situations that fit the rules we were given on the course. It is probably that I will not start live trading until February so time will tell.
Lia continues with her painting. A friend of ours, Sep, recently died. Lia did a painting of him and gave it to his widow, Annie. It was a great painting and Annie loves it. When I learn how I will post a copy of the painting on this blog.

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